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All estimates are based on public news releases, maps and assays as well as publicly available GIS information.

A 3D Block model is used to estimate potential resources based on distance to the nearest assayed drillhole and does not consider trends or the underlying geology. The model assumes that drilling carried out since 2020 does not overlap the previously estimate resource

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As a summer treat, we have received the latest batch of FVL assays. To say they are great is an understatement as they have produced the single largest increase to the potential size of the deposit since drilling resumed in 2020.

Additionally, this release has gone a long way towards infilling the gap between the dolphin and Cleary deposits which goes a long way to proving out the feasibility of open pit mining and as well it gave us numerous broad high grade intercepts deeper down into the deposit.

With 21 holes still pending and drills still turning it will be exciting to see what is still working its way through the assay labs.

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Also exciting are the monster holes [GS2210 GS2217 GS2224] that the latest cross sections are showing plumbing the deep depths of the deposit.

As we continue to wait on an updated resource sometime in the coming year its great to see positive results pour in and add to the value of this sleeping Giant.


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Golden Summit is an advanced stage exploration project a half hour drive north of Fairbanks Alaska.

The property has both highway and power access and operates a year-round camp less than 7km north of Kinross’s Fort Knox mine.

Drilling between 2011-2013 resulted in a 2016 Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) which produced:

  • A resource estimate of 6,013,000 oz of Indicated and Inferred Gold
  • Pre-Tax NPV5%: $213 million; IRR: 20.0%;
  • Payback (Post-Tax): 3.3 years;
  • Cash costs of $842/oz

Following improved market conditions drilling was resumed in 2020.

In May 2020 Hole GS 2001 was reported and the ensuing investor excitement combined with spiking gold prices resulted in FVL being the most traded stock on the TSX for multiple days.

Since then, Freegold has continued to produce a steady stream of high-grade assays despite a global pandemic ushering in an era of logistical challenges and delayed lab results. Drilling presently continues on site with an resource estimate expected in the near future.