Freegold Ventures – Napkin Math – 2024.04.17

Our latest Napkin Math for Freegold Ventures. We have provided updates for the Golden Summit Project.


Well we are back with an updated look at Freegold Ventures Golden Summit Project! Today we are covering drill results released 2024-04-17 which released assays for holes GS2336 and GS2337. These last two holes wrap up the 2023 drilling season and what a season it was. 2022’s drilling program ended its season with ~21.4Moz and 2023 is currently wrapping up at 24.4Moz. An impressive showing for one years drilling and with 2024’s program already underway we are excited to see what this year brings. Both GS2336 and GS2337 were solid holes expanding the deposits potential to the west but hole GS2337 does shine as it provides a broad intercept of solid mineralization between the existing deposit and previous step out drilling suggesting continuity!

Napkin Math - Freegold Ventures - Golden Summit

This infographic is for Freegold Ventures Golden Summit Deposit. The infographic shows numerous graphical statistics and information used to evaluate a junior mining companies ore deposit. Included are total oz contained, ox by cutoff grade, histogram of grades, and drillhole counts.
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Visuals - Freegold Ventures - Golden Summit

Plan View of Drilling on the Free Gold Ventures Golden Summit Project
Plan view of drilling reported to date - new holes highlighted - Click To Enlarge
South East view of drill results - new holes highlighted - Click To Enlarge


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