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Napkin Math

Originally just a few rough calculations on the back of a bar napkin while talking stocks our Napkin Math has grown into a comprehensive rundown of what drill results are telling us. It is all to easy to just look for big numbers in the grade column of a press release and assume that tells us the whole story. A diligent investor may even calculate some rough volumes and grades to guess a resource. We were never satisfied with this approach and after being burnt one to many times decided to take things to the next level.

Finding ore isn’t enough! Where they find it and how much matters much more!!!

Our napkin math interprets drill results considering all dimensions to determine a best guess of how much ore may have been found. Drilling the same nugget repeatedly looks great but counts for nothing when a resource report is produced. Our napkin math:

  • Breaks down what may have actually been found 
  • Quantifies how much of it even has the potential of being extracted
  • Visualize this information clearly

Thought and Musings

We read a lot of reports. A lot. Along the way we occasionally come up with a few insights and always a lot of questions! Our Thoughts and Musings pieces are where we take the time to dive into either the specifics of a project or break down general principles one needs to understand whether they relate to exploration, mining, markets or anything else that catches our attention. We encourage readers to send in questions if there is something we have glossed over or not addressed and if we can we will try and cover it!

The Resource Rundown - Coming Soon

The Resource Rundown is our upcoming publication where we make impartially comparing resource companies straightforward and easy!

One of the challenges of the Junior Mining Industry is that the players are all playing the same game but on different timelines. Two companies producing a report three years apart may carry out their evaluations using equally legitimate but wildly different inputs. As a result trying to compare deposits can feel like trying to win a 5d game of checkers where the rules are made up and the points don’t matter. Our goal is to provide clarity as to what is happening on the game board here and now.

The Resource Rundown will provide all our estimates side by side, evaluated with the same economic inputs. This means the same price of gold, the same equivalent grade conversions, etc. This raw score will then have modifiers applied since deposit size isn’t everything! A million Oz of gold on top of a mountain is not the same as a million Oz next to an existing highway and that should factor into a company’s overall score.

To put it simply we will calculate a resource score for each company then adjust that score based on modifying factors. These scores will then be ranked against each other.

Why Mining Explained

We Take The Time to Do It Right

We started doing this not just because we thought it was a good idea but because it was a tool we wanted for ourselves. That means we are not in a hurry and we take the time build things properly because we want to use them. Doing things right doesn’t mean that we don’t make mistakes but that we do our best to create the best product possible. And when we inevitably catch mistakes and errors we correct them and strive to be continuously less wrong. We figure if we keep that up long enough sooner or later we might be right!

A Fresh Take

As a rule of thumb, we try our best to remain impartial and call it how we see it. And if we can have some fun along the way so much the better. Our goal here is to try and keep the feeling of a fireside chat over a cold beer like how it was for us when we got started into this wild world.  We are not from a finance background, this sure as hell is not investment advice and we are not here to sell you on any company or project. We are just trying to sort the ore from the waste same as everyone else and appreciate you spending your time with us along the way.

Always Evolving

If this was easy everyone would be doing it. We are constantly trying to find new and better ways to evaluate junior miners and while we’ve come a long way from our initial work we feel strongly the best is yet to come! The more we have learnt the more it has opened our eyes to what is possible and if you’re excited as we are to keep digging into the junior mining space…

Welcome to Mining Explained!