Snowline Gold – 2022-12-22 – Update Part 1 – Rogue Project

Part 1 of our coverage of Snowline Gold's December 22nd exploration results. In this piece we cover our global estimate for their Rogue Project.

Editorial Notes

Todays update will be the first to feature our new format. To bring forward our publishing schedule we will be publishing each update in multiple parts going forward. First up will be our Napkin Math numbers, which you are reading now. This will be followed up by our Thoughts and Musings Piece which will be published sometime over the next few days. This will allow us to get results out in a more timely fashion while giving us more time to dig into the release and write up a more insightful commentary!

Additionally we will be separating our coverage of Snowline’s Rogue and Einarson projects going forward to provide clearer coverage.

Project Background - Rogue Project

Project Map
Source: Snowline Gold's October 2022 Corporate Presentation

Snowline Gold is an exploration company focused on greenfield exploration of gold projects in the Yukon Territory, Canada.  Founded in early 2021 Snowline acquired the claims of Senoa Gold Corp from 18526 Yukon Inc which included several projects: the Einarson, Rogue, Rainbow, Cynthia and Ursa projects in the East Yukon’s Selwyn Basin and the Cliff and Tosh Projects in the Southwest Yukon. Additionally, in September 2022 Snowline purchased a 10 property portfolio from Strikepoint Gold doubling its holdings in the Selwyn Basin.

Since Snowline’s formation it has carried out discovery drilling on their Einarson and Rogue projects, returning strong results. As well its fieldwork has uncovered additional zones of mineralization for future exploration.

Napkin Math - Model Results

Model Walkthrough Passing from North to South
Rogue Project - Dec 22 Drillhole Intercepts Highlighted

Change Notes

We have completed another model update! Previously we have used only overall reported intercepts to model deposits, but we are excited that going forward we are now able to include all reported subsections of a drill hole. This should go a long ways towards improving the our work and opens up the door for us including some cool new features into future reports. We will be publishing an article soon covering what we have changed in more detail so be sure to check back in.

Whats next?

We hope you have enjoyed our latest update on Snowline Gold. Be sure to check in over the next few days to read our thoughts and musings piece were will dig deeper into this news release.

If you have any thoughts on this or other ideas for improving our production feel free to reach out through the contact us page. We do read them!

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