Today we will be updating both our global napkin math and pit constrained napkin math and musing quickly on the latest drill results from Snowline Gold!

As this is our first run at providing a pit constrained guess for Snowline Gold please keep in mind that there could be errors. We have done our checks but there is always the chance of some small bug we have missed! (As always nothing here is investment advice – do your own due diligence) And with all that being said lets dive in! 

Napkin Math - Global Results - February 03 2023

Model Walkthrough Looking North East - Blocks Coloured by Contained Oz

Napkin Math - Pit Constrained Results - February 03 2023

The Inputs

As this is our first pass at Snowline Gold we will give a quick overview for our inputs.

(We have done our best to come up with a reasonable estimate but please keep in mind that we could very well be wrong)

Gold price

We have used $1700/Oz based on the 3 Year average rounded down to the nearest hundred. We felt comfortable with this value as it was used as of this fall for the Raven Resource Estimate which we have discussed previously.

Oxide Depth

For this pass we have not included an estimate for any potential oxide depth and are using only one value for ore.

Operating Costs / Inputs

Our mining cost’s are based off of a handful of comparable operations, primarily we have leaned on Victoria Gold’s Eagle mine.

The Results

Vertical Model Wlakthrough With Pitshell - Cutoff 0.27 gpt

View the - 1.75$ / Tonne Mining Cost - Pitshell

Pit Constrained Results

Wrapping Up

We hope you have enjoyed our latest coverage of Snowline Gold and their Rogue Project! In future updates we plan on exploring the sensitivity of our pitshell constrained guesstimate to different inputs so stay tuned. With 3 holes still pending at the valley prospect on the Rogue project we are looking forward to being able to put together our final picture of what 2022’s drill results have taught us about the project. As well we have only seen one hole from the Gracie prospect released so far and by our count that leaves 4 more pending, it will be interesting to see if the Rogue project hosts another intrusive delivering similar grades! We have not settled on a format for our pitshell updates so expect to see tweaks and changes in the future. If you have any thoughts on this or other ideas for improving our production feel free to reach out through the contact us page. We do read them!

Thanks for reading and till next time,


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