Today we will be updating our global and pit constrained napkin math and sharing our thoughts on Snowline Gold’s February 24th News Release!

Napkin Math - Global Results

Napkin Math - Pit Constrained Results

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Rotating View of Drillholes - Latest Holes Highlighted
Partial Rotation of Pitshell

Thoughts and Musings

Well with released we have seen almost all of the 2022 Drill results for the Valley Prospect, with only 1 hole still outstanding. Todays results managed to add a respectable number of ounces considering only one hole intersected ore.

Hole V-22-029 was collared within the Valley intrusion and to the north of the known near-surface well-mineralized corridor. The hole was a 207 m step-back along section to the northeast from the collar site for V-22-010 (318.8 m @ 2.55 g/t Au including 108.0 m @ 4.14 g/t Au from surface, see Snowline news release dated October 12, 2022), designed to test the local width of the array of steeply dipping, northwest-striking mineralized quartz veins. Additional mineralized holes V-22-005, 006, 007, 015 and 020 are located between 167 and 177 m from the collar site to the west, south and east (Figure 1), and V-22-033 was collared from the same drill pad.

First on our agenda is we want to take a closer look at hole V-22-029, the only hole so in this news release to have intersected ore. That V-22-029 would return good results is not surprising. It lies smack dab in the center of Snowline Gold’s most successful drilling and right in the heart of the Valley prospect. If anything we had written it off in our heads as unlikely to deliver many additional ounces beyond what was already modelled and even less likely to be worth talking about beyond increasing confidence in the continuity of the deposit and maybe shoring up grades a bit.  But as always seems to happen when we start making assumptions… those assumptions turn around and gives us a swift kick in the ass.

V-22-029 delivered us grade, length and depth. It was enough to single handedly drag the bottom of our pitshell deeper, and the majority of the upper intercept fell within the pit. Todays results open up the possibility that more ounces may lie beneath what has been drilled by Snowline Gold thus far. And they would be directly underneath the valley, not buried under the mountain to the east. We were pleasantly surprised and wouldn’t be shocked to see any follow up drilling in 2023 plumbing these depths further.

Looking North at Valley Prospect Drillholes

The second point we wanted to touch on was the last unreported hole on the valley project. V-22-030 lies on the southern edge of the deposits heart and the cross section from the January 18th news release shows that V-22-030 was shallow and southern dipping, with vein densities increasing in the bottom half. We suspect that this will prove to be the southern limit of the deposits heart but it may provide some good results to wrap up Snowline Gold’s 2022 drilling season. So far Snowline Gold has been strategic in managing their drill releases. These two most recent sets of drill results both contained a share of the empty holes drilled to the south paired with solid results leaving the heart of the deposit open to expansion, and were both released on a Friday where they will receive a less thorough scrutiny as investors head into their weekends. With this level of foresight I find it hard to believe they would let the last hole we will be seeing from Valley’s 2022 drilling be a dud but we will see if they are saving something for a last hurrah? Pure speculation of course, the gods only know we can’t predict the future, but it at least gives us something to look forward too!

Wrapping Up

We hope you have enjoyed our latest coverage of Snowline Gold and their Rogue Project! 

In future updates we look forward to putting together the complete picture of where Snowline Gold is sitting with the completion of their 2022 drilling. 

If you have any thoughts on Snowline, Mining Explained or suggestions for improvement feel free to reach out through the Contact Us page. We do read them! A great example is we got a suggestion that we rebuild our Contact Us page, so now there is a new one that is actually easy to use!

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