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Project Map
Source: Snowline Gold's October 2022 Corporate Presentation

Snowline Gold is an exploration company focused on greenfield exploration of gold projects in the Yukon Territory, Canada.  Founded in early 2021 Snowline acquired the claims of Senoa Gold Corp from 18526 Yukon Inc which included several projects: the Einarson, Rogue, Rainbow, Cynthia and Ursa projects in the East Yukon’s Selwyn Basin and the Cliff and Tosh Projects in the Southwest Yukon. Additionally, in September 2022 Snowline purchased a 10 property portfolio from Strikepoint Gold doubling its holdings in the Selwyn Basin.

Since Snowline’s formation it has carried out discovery drilling on their Einarson and Rogue projects, returning strong results. As well its fieldwork has uncovered additional zones of mineralization for future exploration.


Model Results

Einarson Model
Rogue Model
Einarson Drillhole Intercepts
Rogue Project - Drillhole Intercepts

Thoughts and Musings

We like three things about Snowline: Demonstrated Results, Potential for Scale, Incentivized Management.

Demonstrated Results

For having been around less than 2 years Snowline Gold has come onto the scene swinging, having managed to rack up over 3 Million Oz (Ind+Inf) by our count. With much of that being found relatively shallow to surface results to date have certainly by attention grabbing. With assays pending for more than 22 drillholes at their Rogue project and with drills still turning we are excited to see what the future has in store!

Potential for Scale

The sheer scale of the property available for exploration is amazing. Between acquisitions and expanding their claims through staking Snowline has managed to lockup quite a portfolio, representing some >254,000 hectares. Since 2021 Snowline has identified multiple zones of mineralization at both Einarson and Rogue and that still leaves another 6 projects to be investigated further.

Its not all roses though, with size comes challenges. The project is remote to say the least and lacks the local infrastructure we like to see for attracting mine development. But that being said finding enough gold can overcome many an obstacle over the long run. With a new camp established this year, along with an upgraded airstrip, Snowline is doing well to position itself to reduce its costs which translates into getting more meters of drilling into the ground.

Incentivized Management

We firmly believe incentives are what drive the world and with Snowline we see the Berdahl Family owns 27.5M of the 130.7M issued shares (As of Oct. 2022) which represents approximately 21% of the company. For CEO Scott Berdahl  that is some serious skin in the game. No one is going to be working harder than when they know their family is keenly watching from the sidelines what you are doing with THEIR money! 

With 57.6% of issued shares held by insiders and strategic investors it speaks to some confidence in this company behind the scenes. We will be watching going forward for any reports of insiders increasing their holdings.

Whats next?

We hope you have enjoyed our initial update on Snowline Gold! With 91% of 2022’s 14,495m of drilling yet to be reported and 27 million dollars in the back (as of Oct 2022) we are looking forward to the coming months and next years drilling season. Stay tuned as we continue to bring you future updates on Snowline Gold as we dig deeper into the property and as further drill results are released! 

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