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Source: Snowline Gold's October 2022 Corporate Presentation

Snowline Gold is an exploration company focused on greenfield exploration of gold projects in the Yukon Territory, Canada.  Founded in early 2021 Snowline acquired the claims of Senoa Gold Corp from 18526 Yukon Inc which included several projects: the Einarson, Rogue, Rainbow, Cynthia and Ursa projects in the East Yukon’s Selwyn Basin and the Cliff and Tosh Projects in the Southwest Yukon. Additionally, in September 2022 Snowline purchased a 10 property portfolio from Strikepoint Gold doubling its holdings in the Selwyn Basin.

Since Snowline’s formation it has carried out discovery drilling on their Einarson and Rogue projects, returning strong results. As well its fieldwork has uncovered additional zones of mineralization for future exploration.


Model Results

Snowline Gold - Estimated Oz for Einarson & Rogue Projects
Rogue Model - Current Estimate
Rogue Project - Nov 15 Drillhole Intercepts Highlighted

Release Summary

With the latest news release Snowline has released another 5 holes for its Rogue project and we estimate this has added another 790,000 oz to the deposit!

Expansion of the main ore Body - Green Highlights

This release brought results for Hole V-22-014 and the remainder of hole V-22-007’s assays (First half was released  previously in August 2022).  

V-22-014 extends mineralization further to the south, reaching from surface down approximately 200m deep. It is similar to hole V-22-010 in that it encountered smaller intercepts at the edge of the main ore body.

The remaining 125m of V-22-007 returned similarly impressive results as the the first half of the hole, demonstrating robust grades from surface through to the end of the drillhole.

Searching Further West - Yellow Highlights

Snowlines exploration up the mountain along the valleys eastern edge encountered intercepts approximately 380m further east with holes V-22-012 and V-22-008. Drilling eastward they encountered weaker mineralization, approximately 230m below surface, as they entered the intrusion. 

First Miss at Rogue - Red highlight

To the far east Hole V-22-011 came up dry, not encountering any reported intercepts.

Thoughts and Musings

For this news release we thought it would work best to arrange our thoughts into three groupings. Exploration developments in the Northeast, South and Northwest. All is quite on the western front.

Southern Exploration

On the southern front this release brought some great assays with hole V-22-014 and the remainder of hole V-22-007. It will be interesting to see how holes V-22-030, V-22-018,V-22-026, and V-22-027 shape up (Green Highlight). Looking at Snowlines reporting of the veining they have potential to extend the rich heart of the deposit further south. Further beyond these holes it appears vein density is dropping (blue highlight) and V-22-012 did not report weak mineralization until approximately 230m below surface. Together this suggests the southern front beyond the green highlights is unlikely to produce much excitement.

Northeast Exploration

In the east we have had some interesting twists. On the one hand we have seen the first hole to miss mineralization at Rogue. But on the other hand there is still some exciting potential! Hole V-22-008 reported weaker mineralization along the outside of the intrusion but cross sections show hole V-22-013 to have more robust vein densities close to surface. We are excited to see the release of hole V-22-015 as it is shown as having some strong veining, particularly at depth which could extend the heart of the deposit further north at depth and east at surface.

With Hole V-22-014 showing very strong grades in its uppermost region in a similar range to hole V-22-007 it will be exciting to see how much further east Snowline can hit this zone (purple highlight) as it explores eastwards. The heart of the deposit has proven quite impressive so far and as assays from holes V-22-015 and V-22-020 are released it will be interesting to see what is to be found in the eastern half of the intrusion!

All Reported Holes Looking North

Northwest Exploration

Before we wrap up  we thought we’d round out this releases thoughts and musings by considering  the northwest. V-22-029 and V-22-032 both are shown in the latest plan map as having significant vein density and could shed some light on how far the heart of the deposit extends. If they continue to extend the rich shallow intercepts we saw in hole V-22-010 that would be a great win for the Rogee project. 

Whats next?

With only 25% of the 11,168m drilled at the Rogue Projects Valley Prospect and none of the 8,738m drilled at the Gracie prospect Snowline has already racked up quite a 2022 drilling season. As further assays are released and with a metallurgical study underway to determine potential recovery rates we look to revisiting the Rogue project as winter continues.

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