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  • Project background
  • Cautionary Notes specific to our Treaty Creek Model
  • Comparison against the 2021 Resource Estimate
  • Initial Model Results for the main body of the project
  • First thoughts and Musings

We are pleased to introduce our latest model. Tudor Golds Treaty Creek Property in Northwest British Columbia. Our first crack at a multi-commodity project, we walk through our results and how we got there.  We hope you enjoy this update and cannot wait to revisit this property in the future.

Project Background

The 17,913 hectare Treaty Creek Project lies within the “Golden Triangle”, one of the most important mineral districts of northwestern British Columbia. The Project borders Seabridge Gold Inc.’s KSM property to the southwest and borders Pretium Resources Inc.’s Brucejack property to the southeast. The past producing Eskay Creek mine lies 12 km to the west.

The Treaty Creek property is located in remote mountainous terrain approximately 80 km north of Stewart BC. Explored on and off since 1987 the property was acquired by Tudor Gold in 2016 and drilling has outlined a porphyry gold deposit. Comprised primarily of the Goldstorm Zone and the adjacent Copper Belle Zone this large deposit hosts an additional three satellite zones have been identified near the main zones: PSZ, GR2 and Eureka.

In March 2021 a resource estimate was produced which outlined 19.41 Million AuEq Oz of Measured and Indicated resource as well as another 7.9 Million AuEq Oz of Inferred resource.

Drilling has continued since 2021 with an additional 30,108m of drilling being completed in 2021 and another ~40,000m of drilling underway in 2022.

Property Location
Project Zones as of Oct 2022

Cautionary Notes

Before we continue we want to highlight a few cautionary notes unique to this model in addition to our usual calling out that this is NOT investment advice.

First Model Run

These models are always under improvement and subject to change as we improve our tools and methodology (Example). However the first few runs are particularly susceptible to errors and oversights. We do our best to review our work and datasets but sometimes it can be a run or two before we catch everything.

Drifting Drill Holes

Our models are built off of public data and this comes with some limitations. One of these is that drill results don’t typically account for deviations along the path of the drillhole and so we are unable to capture them in the model. We have noticed that the Treaty Creek property contains many significant examples of this phenomena and wanted to call your attention to it.

Plan View of Drilling - Note the curvature of drillholes

Geological Units

The 2021 resource estimate uses several geological models of mineralization to delinate itself in addition to search radiuses. We do not have access to these and use our normal approach of using nearest distances to drill holes. For more on how we model please see our articles on Model Upgrade – From Version 4.9 to 4.95 and How We Model 

Modelling The 2021 Resource Estimate - How Did We Do?

To calibrate out model we set out to recreate the 2021 resource estimate. We have collected the drill results used and dialed in our search radius to match. We were pleased with our results and will be using them moving forward to bring you updates as new drillholes are released.


Where are We Now?

For our first pass at modelling Treaty Creek we have limited ourselves to looking at the Goldstorm and Copper Belle Zones. In the future we will be looking at the satellite deposits on the property but we had to start somewhere and these things do take some time to pull together, build and check!

GoldStorm and Copper Belle Gold Intercepts
Model Results
Summary of Results

We admit to being a bit surprised at the size of the results and we went back and checked them more than once. Our IND and INF are based on the search radiuses we established matching the 2021 Resource Estimate. As mentioned previously this is our first pass at the property so a grain of salt is warranted…

… but even if we take a conservative slice of what we are seeing and only look at our suggested IND results its clear True Gold has not been wasting its time up in the hills these last few years and there is a monster in the mountains.

Whats next?

We have enjoyed our initial dive looking into Treaty Creek and look forward to returning to the property in the future as further drill results are released. Treaty Creek has been our first pass at tackling a property with multiple commodities present in the mineralization and it was a fun challenge to say the least. The property lies in a region with immense mining and exploration activity and we have much more to discuss in future updates as we look at the properties satellite zones, neighbors and start breaking things down into equivalent Au ounces.

Tudor Golds latest presentation states we can expect an updated resource estimate and PEA sometime Late 2022 / Early 2023 Page 7  and we are looking forward to seeing how our results stack up against it.

Thanks for reading and till next time,


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