Westhaven Gold – 2023-05-31 – Update

Our latest coverage of Westhaven Gold following their May 31st news release.


Please enjoy our latest coverage of Westhaven Gold following their May 31st news release.

News Release in a Nutshell

So this morning Westhaven released 4 new drillholes which targeted their Franz zone and gave us an operational update on their progress so far in 2023.

    • 3 out of 4 holes intercepted shallow high grade with the 4th being a deep miss.
    • An additional 6 holes have assays pending. 2 targeting the Kirton Zone, 3 targeting HydBx-02 and one whose collar was not apparent on the plan map

Additionally, Westhaven reports having completed their Spring 2023 soil sampling at Skoonka North. They report targeting new zones as well as revisiting old areas of interest.

Napkin Math

Note: We have updated our economic inputs since our last update. This change is reflected in the this project timeline.

Going Deeper - Our Two Cents

Todays hits report some wonderful high grade at shallow depths but unfortunately for they only firm up past drilling and are not an expansion of the deposit. When we look at their orientation relative to past drilling they punch through the middle of previous results and actually reduce our estimate slightly. Great numbers at a great depth but unfortunately nothing new to see here.

Flyby - New Drilling Emphasized
Gif of
Plan View of Property
View of Overall Shovelnose Project with Pitshell

Wrapping Up

We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of Westhaven Gold! 

If you have any thoughts on Westhaven, Mining Explained or feedback on what you would like to see feel free to reach out through our Contact Us page. 

Thanks for reading and till next time,



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